Strong special education leadership and expertise


Highly effective behavioral intervention


Commitment to uncovering the unique gifts each individual has to offer

We believe every child is smart, competent and whole exactly as he or she is, and dignity is the birthright of every human being. We believe our children and their families have a right to aspire to a life of their choosing. And we teach to build each child’s own interests, talents and dreams.

The Joshua School serves over 70 students. We are a facility school, approved by the Colorado Department of Education and partner closely with over 20 local school districts to provide the intensive services many of our students need. By providing our students with structured environments, using teaching strategies based on behavioral intervention, and using data to inform our programming, our nationally recognized approach has achieved superior results. Using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), an evidence-based science, we identify, with families and teams, the needs of each student to create an independent and fulfilling life. These might include social skills, communication and language, academics, daily living and community skills, vocational skills and more. 


We rely on a variety of scientifically derived methods including incidental learning, task analysis and discrete trials, as well as proven behavioral interventions using reinforcement-based systems. Our individualized assessments include the Core Skills Assessment out of the New England Center for Children (NECC), VB-MAPP, Brigance, Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scale and The Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Functioning. Our curriculum includes Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia (ACE), SRA Reading Mastery and the iReady online program for Math and Reading. We also rely on community-based instruction (CBI) to teach skills in a natural environment.


Through data collection and accountability, we create programs that work and help children and families to succeed. Data taken before and during treatment allows us to constantly adjust learning to best suit the individual needs. The goal? To help each student overcome any communication and learning deficits and behaviors, and to open the door for learning and growth.

But we believe it’s our fundamental beliefs that set us apart.










We are a community, working together with the goal of helping our students grow and develop. We know our parents advocate and have risen to the challenges presented to them. Their love and activism inspires each of us, and together we strive to give our students lives filled with possibility, happiness and belonging.

"When you view education through the lens of quality of life, it changes the way you look at others, at yourself. "


– Jason Gruhl, Co-Founder

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Englewood, CO 80113

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