"If you’ve met one child with autism, you’ve met one child with autism."

Their Stories

If you’ve met one child with autism, you’ve met one child with autism. While each of our students offers unique complexities and challenges, each also has their own aspirations, interests and strengths. Our individualized approach allows us to make a difference with each and every student that comes through our doors.


Many of our students present specific challenges with communication. Since coming to TJS in 2009, CJ would only use pen and paper to talk with staff. Now he is regularly communicating through text message, email and a voice-output application, and has generalized these skills to his work environment as well. CJ’s performance during his internship has improved so much that his supervisor is considering a long-term, paid position in the future. He has also overcome some personal trials. For the first time as a student at TJS, he changed into gym clothes before working out and now changes independently before every workout.


Many behaviors stem from the inability to communicate. Luke is mastering use of his assistive communications device, flying through screens and now initiating requests and laying the foundation for functional and conversational communication. In the last quarter alone, he has seen an 80 percent drop in tantrums, aggressive behaviors and elopement – proving that improved communication can lead directly to a drop in maladaptive behaviors and an increase in self-regulation.


Aidan came to TJS unable to communicate, despite having verbal skills. In just five months, his behaviors continued to decrease, while his functional communication began improving. He is able to attend to grade-level academics and is working with peers – another milestone given that he spent a lot of time in isolation at his previous school.


In the last three years since coming to TJS, Ryan has gone from being unable to attend to any academic work due to significant behaviors, to being near-grade level academically and maintaining a full academic schedule. He has had zero rates of behaviors in the last 12 months and is preparing to transition back into a mainstream school setting.


Prior to TJS, Nick was unable to attend to any academic work due to tantrums and eloping. In three years, his behaviors have almost completely subsided and he is able to pursue his full grade-level academic schedule. He just received a composite 28 score on his ACT and has aspirations to attend CSU.

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