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Blue Star Recyclers: Creating Jobs for People with Autism

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

The Joshua School salutes BlueStar Recyclers/Denver. Blue Star has been a TJS vocational partner employing our students for a few years. Their mission is recycling electronics and other materials to create local jobs for people with autism and other disabilities. They turn e-waste into real, local jobs. The recycling fees they collect helps BlueStar to achieve over 90% self-sustainability so they can pay their workers real wages.

The Blue Star workforce delivers:

Aptitude and attitude for careful, detailed, repetitive work

The lowest turnover, absenteeism, and lost-time accident rates in the industry

Over 98% work-task team engagement while on the clock

And, proves that lack of employment is related to lack of opportunity

While TJS students currently participate on-site, the recycling program has also continued on-campus, which allows more students to participate in the processs. The BlueStar Denver location located at 953 Decatur Street, Suite C. Phone: 303-534-1667 For more information visit: www.bluestarrecyclers.org

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