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Bri Jecmen: So long, farewell...

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

TJS would like to wish Bri Jecmen, Instructional Assisatant from TJS Boulder, good luck! At the end of August, Bri left TJS to pursue a career in Masters in Social Work at University of Denver.

Her dedication and commitment to TJS was nothing short of noteworthy (or in this case, blog-worthy!). Bri is a natural leader and took on the role at the Boulder campus by developing school-wide communication groups, sexual groups, and language lessons for students. She is an expert at finding meaning in everything she does. For example, when her case student began going to T.A.C.T, Bri brought skills like new measuring techniques and functional math back into the classroom so that the student could be successful in his carpentry class. Bri lead by example. She picked up additional tasks without being asked, lead clinical discussions for her case student, supported her Lead Teacher, and provided helpful feedback to her peers when appropriate. Bri has a background in social work and she used her skills in counseling to analyze and promote social-emotional skills with her students.

When we asked Bri what working at TJS has meant to her, she said, " I feel so lucky to have spent the last 2 years working at TJS. The supportive, fun-loving community has provided me with life-long friends and a lot of laughter. I have been inspired by the organization's commitment to our mission and plan to bring some of these practices with me wherever I go. It has been an honor to assist students through the tough moments, as well as experience their contagious and uninhibited joy. I love being creative and finding ways to improve our individual and group programming. I'm so thankful for the lead teachers and directors who encouraged my personal growth, both in and out of the school."

TJS was so lucky to have Bri as a part of the TJS Boulder team and while we were sad to see her go, we know she's going to make a big impact and difference in her new environment. Good luck, Bri!

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