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Congratulations Graduates!

With the end of the 2018-2019 school year, we are filled with pride for all our graduates. While we are sad to see them leave us, all of the staff and volunteers at TJS are excited for each student and the new adventures ahead of them.

Joshua Early Childhood Center

In May, the Joshua Early Childhood Center (JECC) held its graduation ceremony. JECC houses Joshua Early Intervention (JEI) for young children with autism and Joshua Academy (JA) for typically developing children.

“We are so proud of our students,” says Brooke Lestikow, program director for JA, “We place a heavy emphasis on building character, kindness and acceptance through our integrated environment.” According to Brooke, Joshua Academy utilizes Creative Curriculum and Teaching Strategies GOLD for assessment and teaching areas such as literacy, math, and social/emotional development . These budding students are off to kindergarten in the Fall.

JEI also graduated students who, because of early intervention, are able to transition into less restrictive environments. JEI program director, Jamie Cohen, says, “We serve students ages two and a half through six years old utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and one-on-one therapeutic intervention. These students achieve amazing outcomes in that between 70-80 percent of our JEI grads transition to a general education environment by age six.”

Transition Program, Englewood Campus

Congratulations to Cole Ansay, a fine young man who graduated from the TJS Englewood campus this year.

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