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Donor Spotlight: Brinkmann Constructors

Brinkmann Constructors is a general contractor company in Denver, Colorado. In 2014, Brinkmann employees formed an annual charity initiative called BECAUSE (Brinkmann Employees Care About United Service Efforts), as a way of being more engaged and involved in the local community. Since its inception, their efforts across all of their office locations have raised more than $500,000 (the Denver office accounting for approximately $230,000). According to Brinkmann, the Denver office strives to identify local groups and/or ones with personal ties that they feel they can have an impact on, as well as do their part in providing that group with some additional visibility/recognition in the community.

TJS’ Joshua Early Childhood Center (JECC) has been a recipient of Brinkmann’s generosity for 2 consecutive years. When asked how Brinkmann heard of TJS, they informed us that one of the JECC staff members has a spouse who works for Brinkmann and nominated JECC as a recipient. This year, their primary fundraising events included the following and were primarily attended by local contractors, material suppliers, architects, engineers, and developers:

· Clay Shot at Colorado Clays

· Golf event at the Colorado Golf Club

· Poker event hosted by Mike Ward Maserati

TJS cannot thank Brinkmann enough for their donation and for helping spread our mission to the Denver community.


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Howard Strong
Howard Strong
Oct 03, 2023

You may find that grime has built up between the keys as well

snake game


Nathan Adrian
Nathan Adrian
Aug 30, 2022

Charitable initiatives are very necessary in our society. Therefore, Office Technology also always implements them, and our employees are happy to participate in them. Accordingly, this is a great motivation for all our dear customers.

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