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Ed Talks (June 2020)

We are currently 11 weeks into remote learning and I want to thank you for your support as we navigate through the challenges of our new reality together. COVID-19 has presented many opportunities for TJS staff to come up with ways we can continue to help our students when we cannot physically be together. We miss the students and realize this is extremely difficult for our student families, and while we have achieved significant success, we know it is not without its obstacles as well.

I also want to extend my sincerest appreciation to our community for your contribution to TJS’ Standing Stronger fund raising campaign instigated after we cancelled our 2020 Gala. In two months, you have helped raise over $200,000 for TJS. This allows us to retain staff and continue exploring remote learning and other options for the future.

This has not been the easiest or most conventional school year, but our community has come together in ways I could not have imagined. The Joshua School community is definitely stronger than ever. I am so proud of everyone involved - staff, parents, and students alike. As we enter the summer break, I am hoping everyone is able to spend some restful time together. While we are still in discussion about how the new school year will look, I want to reassure you that we are working hard implementing new protocol to ensure the safety of our students and staff as we look forward to resumption of in-person classes.

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