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Ed Talks (September 2019)

ED Talks

Where has the summer gone? I hope that you all have had a great summer, enjoyed a marvelous vacation or time off, created good memories, and are eagerly looking ahead to autumn. This summer has been a time for the Joshua School staff and leadership team to do our homework and think about the future.

In this issue, we emphasize the importance of Grandparents in our students’ lives. Sunday, September 7th was the official Grandparents Day, an annual day when we celebrate the special relationship between grandparents, their adult children, and their grandchildren. At the Joshua School, we are grateful for the role that grandparents play year-round in the life of a child with autism. Read more here to better understand the impact of grandparent relationships.

We also tell you about Blue Star Recyclers and the role they play with our students as a vocational site. In fact, in the Transition story, you will learn about several of our vocational partners who help our students develop their job skills.

The Joshua Early Childhood Center is launching a special art enrichment program designed to encourage children’s creativity through developmentally appropriate art experiences. Called process-focused art, students concentrate on creating art that teaches them about the process rather than art that we admire and look at.

Our Spotlights this month feature parents Amanda and Don VanKleist, staff member Shelby Harrigan, and student LR.

I hope you made many summer memories this year and plan to do the same as we enjoy the beautiful autumn weather that only Colorado can produce.

All the best,

Ed Nichols


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