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Graduate Spotlight: August Marcum (Boulder)

Updated: Jun 17

August's journey started prior to TJS. As children, he and his sister were adopted by Chris and Sherry Marcum. They later separated and Chris married Kimberly in 2013. At that time, August struggled with intelligence disability, PPD-NOS, mood disorder, and anxiety. He also struggled with functional communication, which made it extremely difficult for him to communicate when he was angry. After struggling to get an official diagnosis that would allow him to receive the appropriate therapies and medications he needed, August received an official diagnosis of Bipolar 1 with hallucinations when he was 18 years old and Chris and Kimberly brought him to TJS.

From day one, he made a big impression on his teachers. One of them recalls, "One time he was singing a gospel hymn in the car in his best singing voice. When he was finished he asked our opinion on his performance by asking 'Was it so good it made you want to cry?' The answer was yes."

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