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Graduate Spotlight: Max Wallace

Updated: Jun 17

After years of searching for a welcoming school, The Joshua School (TJS) opened up a world of acceptance, encouragement, and possibility to Richard and Linda’s son, Max. Richard and Linda first noticed differences in Max's development when he was an infant, including speech, attention, and behavior challenges. He was given a medical diagnosis of autism at around age 3 and was also identified by Denver's Child Find program as needing early developmental support.

Prior to enrolling at TJS, and with the help from a very intuitive developmental neuropsychologist, they made their way to an ABA program. While Max had made little progress in two typical preschool programs, his development began to blossom in an intensive-intervention ABA program. He was essentially taught to imitate-small motions, speech sounds, ultimately words, phrases, and purposeful actions and movements, a process that made him available to learn life skills and to interact with his world. His parents were then introduced to the world of special education in the public schools, which simply did not work for Max. They felt that these traditional programs were not able to address his unique ways of learning and provide the "scaffolding" to ensure his optimum growth and development. During these frustrating and bewildering school years, they were fortunate to have private access to after-school ABA support and tutoring from a dedicated friend and teacher.