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June Staff Spotlight: Nicole Pearson, School-Age Program Director

Updated: Jun 22, 2020


Nicole is a New York native and has worked with individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities for 12 years. She has been fortunate enough to work with talented clinicians across a number of settings including in-home, clinics, public, private schools, and a children’s hospital. Working in with persons with disabilities is actually her second career. She started out as a Marketing Director while in graduate school, but the second she walked into a classroom for students with autism, knew that is where she wanted to be. She is passionate about volunteering and has traveled abroad to Kenya and the Maldives to work with autism programs and families. Locally, she has volunteered at Urban Peak and Food for Thought. Aside from traveling, she loves being in the great outdoors and Colorado has provided her with so many opportunities to ski and explore the national parks.

What attracted you to TJS?

Nicole was initially hired as a part-time consultant focused on providing psychological support to TJS students. She was immediately drawn to the TJS culture and the love TJS staff have for their jobs, students, and each other. “It’s evident in everything they do and I loved being a part of it,” Nicole says. Before long, Nicole was hooked, became TJS’ full-time Director of Psychological Services, and is now serving as the School-Age Program Director.

What does being a part of the TJS family look like to you?

“I love that we refer to ourselves as a family, for me that says it all. We show up for one another each and every day,” says Nicole.

Favorite Quote

“Only those who risk going too far realize how far they can go.”

Work Habits

Nicole approaches each day with patience, humility, and care. “It is a privilege to do what I do and I always try to come back to that, especially on the hardest of days. In this field, you learn to appreciate that sometimes the smallest achievement can be life changing for someone. Knowing that keeps me motivated to give my best but it is also a great reminder to be patient and see things through. I feel like I’m always learning- both from our staff and our students- and that is a gift that keeps me going,” Nicole says.


Nicole’s heroes are the women in her life – my Mom and Grandmother who raised me, and my identical twin sister, Heather. Nicole says, “I’ve never met stronger or more loving individuals – they are a continuous source of strength and inspiration to me.”


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