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March and April Shine Light on Living with Autism and Developmental Disabilities

March is nationally recognized as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. During this time, TJS celebrates the many contributions those with developmental disabilities make in communities throughout Colorado.

As April approaches, Autism Spectrum Disorder will be front and center. April, as you know, is Autism Awareness Month. Nearly a quarter century ago, a nationwide effort was launched in April to annually promote autism awareness, inclusion and self-determination for all.

Building greater awareness of ASD year-round is TJS’s community commitment and what we do day-in-and out. We go beyond simply promoting autism awareness to our community and stakeholders. We encourage friends and collaborators to become partners with us to facilitate greater understanding, acceptance and integration.

This year, TJS will hold its annual fundraising Gala on Thursday, April 23rd to celebrate greater awareness, the work of our school and community of teachers, students, families and partners who demonstrate and practice inclusion within every aspect of life. We’ll also share the stories of individuals with autism or developmental disabilities to demonstrate that they are strong and, through our work together, a successful life is possible.


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