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Sponsor Highlight: Brutzkus Grubner LLC

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Brutzkus Gubner (BG Law) is a Los Angeles-based law firm, with satellite offices in Las Vegas, NV and Denver, CO. BG Law came to know TJS through one of its development team members' sharing stories about the impact TJS has on its students and their families.

BG Law then signed up to sponsor TJS' 2020 Gala, which was cancelled due to COVID. Despite the gala cancellation, BG Law has continued to show its support to TJS through the TJS Standing Stronger Appeal during COVID and signed on as a sponsor for TJS's Virtual Gala 2021.

When asked why they support TJS, BG Law said, "At Brutzkus Gubner 'Your Counsel Matters' goes beyond the clients we represent and into the communities in which we live, to help support those experiencing hardship, both long-term and short-term. By sharing our professional expertise and enabling access to other necessary resources, we are helping to build a stronger community."

Thank you, BG Law, for helping our students attain their highest quality of life.

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