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Staff Spotlight: Allie DAngelo: “Start Small; Move Slowly”


Meet Allie Dangelo. Allie has been working at TJS for four years. She’s the lead teacher in the Castle Peak classroom at Joshua Early Childhood Center. “From the very beginning at JECC it has been tremendous fun and quite amazing to be a part of the school’s growth,” she says.

When she’s not in the classroom, Allie loves hanging out with her husband, year-and-a half-old son, and their dog Kona. Most weekends, she is with her family in the mountains or at home, spending as much time as possible enjoying the great Colorado weather.

What attracted you to the Joshua School?

“The TJS 1:1 ratio of teachers to students is what initial attracted me,” says Allie. “It’s a model that allows me to be able to tailor each child’s program to his or her strengths and desires.”

What does being part of the TJS family mean to you?

“Being part of this school…this “family”…is so amazing!” she says. “It is so great to work at a place everyday that feels like family. There is no other job that treats you this way and the relationships I’ve established with my co-workers, students and families are unlike any job that I have had before.”

Best work practices…

“Arriving early to work is an important way for me to get a jump on the day,” Allie notes. “Once the students leave for the day, I’m then able to spend the rest of the afternoon with my son.”


My older sister

Susan B. Anthony

Favorite quote…

“Turns out, not where, but who you are with that really matters.”

Dave Matthews Band

Words of inspiration…

It’s the mantra of the Joshua School – “Start small. Move slowly.”


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