“We believe our students have big, bright dreams and it is our duty and honor to nourish and help them to achieve those dreams.”


We serve students age 7 to 18 through a highly individualized classroom model that includes low student/staff ratios. Our classrooms include special education teachers, instructional assistants, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs).


This model allows us to address the specific needs of each student, taking into account the wide range of functionality and uneven patterns of development typical of children with autism. For example, we have students who are at or above grade level academically as well as students who need extra behavioral supports to ready them for learning. Some students are verbal and others are learning how to use speech-generating devices to augment their communication. Many of our students come to TJS with challenging behaviors and we work with them to build alternative, appropriate replacement behaviors.


At age 14, we work with families to identify goals that will help students transition to adulthood, and our teaching focuses on the areas of vocational skills in the community, or college and career planning. We incorporate multiple group instruction opportunities, ensuring that our students can participate in observational learning, prepare for learning in less restrictive settings, and engage in social activities.



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