Our Transition Program aims to improve outcomes for our students in the areas of independent living, community access, self-determination and academic skills. It includes a variety of instructional formats, including 1:1, small and large groups, peer-mediated intervention, and independent work. Students also benefit from the full range of support systems including speech therapy, occupational therapy and board certified behavior analysts (BCBA).


At TJS, we are particularly proud of our vocational training, having built successful relationships and job opportunities with local businesses. We have collaborated with over 40 separate job sites, with almost 30 students participating in job coaching, and career exploration.  Community-based Instruction is an important aspect our our Transition Program, and students frequent locations including grocery stores, community recreation centers, libraries and museums, . Important social communication and navigational skills are targeted throughout community environments. 

The goal of our community-based instruction program is to provide students with training while they are attending school, and to build the skills and confidence that will allow them to obtain paid positions when they graduate. Of equal importance is helping our students to contribute to and participate in the community and to become self-sufficient adults.

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