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Staff Spotlight: Shelby Harrigan

Updated: Sep 11, 2019


Shelby Harrigan is an SLPA (speech-language pathology assistant) at the Englewood campus. She moved to Colorado with her sister and cats three years ago and has worked at TJS for two years. She enjoys exploring different hair colors and playing in rec sports leagues. She is an unapologetic lover of naps, boy bands, and eating too much queso.

What attracted you to the Joshua School?

“What I found the most interesting initially was how varied the students and their work are,” says Shelby. “I was hired as a part-time sub before becoming an IA and worked in almost every classroom in the building and with many of the students.”

“No two students, even with the same program, are alike, and each person is really understood and valued for who they are’s not just a nice saying that helps parents feel good - it’s really practiced.”

What does being a part of the TJS family look like to you?

“The TJS family is a little weird, very empathetic, largely kookey, and definitely driven,” says Shelby. “It’s the effort given in that job actively affects the livelihood of so many people.” TJS staff involvement affects the students, families, friends, and community members. She continues, “Being a part of that family is about helping out when things get hard and knowing that people will be there to help right back -- as well as decompressing with queso and margaritas!”

Favorite quote...

“You’re crushing it!!”

- RA

“It’s fine, it’s totally fine, it’ll be fine”

- Everyone all the time when things are actually really hard.

Work habits...

Shelby enjoys collaborating with other specialists, lead teachers, and IA’s to make great programming that is meaningful. “There are so many ideas from all sorts of people who work together to make a creative and unique environment for each student,” she says.


Napoleon Dynamite and Harry Styles.

Words of Inspiration...

Also, “You’re crushing it!!”


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