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Official Statement from The Joshua School

While The Joshua School operates separately from the Littleton Public School (LPS) district we are devastated about these terrible incidents involving an LPS employee.  We share in our families’ outrage and disappointment upon learning of these abuse allegations against our students.


We were first made aware of bruising by the mother of a student in January of 2024.  Self-injurious behavior and unexplained bruising isn’t uncommon in our students, but because of the concern of a mother trying to identify the source of her child’s injuries, we contacted the school district to request a review of transportation footage for anything out of the ordinary. At that time, we were assured by LPS that nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. We then continued to communicate and work with the mother to identify the source of her child’s injuries. 


We continue to cooperate with the Englewood Police Department in their ongoing investigation and are providing requested internal records.  We remain dedicated to advocating for and supporting our families, especially during this challenging time. 


Relevant information about The Joshua School:

The Joshua School has been dedicated to helping individuals with autism spectrum disorder and developmental disabilities attain the best quality of life for nearly 20 years. We provide the highest level of behavioral and educational support to about 100 students and families in our community.


The Joshua School is an independent organization, contracted by school districts to provide educational and behavioral services to students. We are licensed and audited by the Colorado Department of Human Services as well as the Colorado Department of Education. Each child’s home school district arranges and provides the transportation to Joshua School, which includes hiring drivers and aides.   




The Joshua School is committed to  helping each individual with autism spectrum disorder and developmental disabilities attain the highest quality of life-valuing each unique mind, body and spirit.

We are making a real difference in the lives of students with ASD and their families. Our programs serve children from age 3 to 21, through our integrated preschool program at the Joshua Early Childhood Center, and our school-age and transition programs at our Denver and Boulder campuses.

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"The Joshua School has made a huge difference in Trevor's life. I'm not sure where we would be if that had not happened."

Peggy, Mother

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Englewood Campus

2303 E Dartmouth Ave, Englewood, CO 80113

Boulder Campus

7077 Harvest Rd

Boulder, CO 80301



(303) 758-7171


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