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Grandparents Want to Connect with their Grandchildren with Autism

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

September 7th was Grandparents Day, an annual day when we celebrate the special relationship between grandparents, their adult children, and their grandchildren. At the Joshua School, we are grateful for the role that grandparents play year-round in the life of a child with autism. We celebrate grandparents throughout the month of September.

In 2009, the Interactive Autism Network (IAN) conducted a survey of 2,600 grandparents of children with autism to learn how having a grandchild with autism changed their lives and how they supported the emotional and economic needs of their adult children and grandchildren. Highlights of what was learned from grandparents in this survey include:

About 30% of grandparents were the first to notice that there was a problem with their grandchild’s development.

Nearly 90% felt that the experience of facing their grandchild’s situation together had brought them and their adult child closer.