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Sensory Santa

Each year, one of our superstar TJS Boulder parents, Dylan Von Kleist, organizes a Sensory Friendly Santa event at the Village of the Peaks mall in Longmont, CO. It caters specifically to kiddos with special needs or sensory processing disorder. Dylan has created a "low-stress, judgement-free, low-sensory environment" which parents can sign up for a 5 to 10 minute time slot to meet the jolliest man of all, Santa! To support this event, some of our very own Boulder staff transform into Santa's elves and assist with warmly welcoming these visitors of the North Pole to meet Santa, sometimes for the first time ever. Witnessing the moments of kiddo's pure glee and their parent's faces beaming with pride has made this event become a highlight of the year for many of our volunteers. We cannot thank Dylan enough for creating, organizing, and leading this stellar event for our community year after year!


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